ICLEI Oceania RexCom Members

According to the 2011 ICLEI Charter, a maximum of nine ICLEI Regional Executive Committees (RexComs) are to be established globally every three years. The RexComs represent the ICLEI members in each world region and all the RexComs together form the Council. From within each RexCom one representative is nominated to the ICLEI Global Executive Committee (GexCom), which is the overall governing body representing the entire ICLEI membership. Below you will find information on the five Oceania RexCom members, which were voted for in 2015.


Chair: Mayor Kim Le Cerf, Darebin City Council, Victoria

Cr Kim Le Cerf was elected to Darebin Council in 2016 and is currently serving as Mayor of an invigorated new Council featuring six women. Kim has undertaken study in economics.
Kim’s passion for the environment and desire to create a sustainable future for generations to come has been the foundation of a career in sustainability leadership in both local and state government. Much of her career to date has been devoted to managing the impacts of climate change, both locally and globally.

As a Darebin councillor Kim feels a strong connection to the local community where she lives and where she is raising her three children. She has committed to addressing key urban issues, including getting planning and land use right so we don’t destroy the neighbourhoods we know and love, investing in infrastructure now and for the future, and of course, while responding to the climate challenge. 

Councillor Caroline Knight, City of Mandurah, Western Australia

Elected to the City of Mandurah Council in 2011, Caroline is a Medical Scientist.
Caroline has an under graduate degree in Medical Laboratory Science, a postgraduate qualification in Biomedical Science and is currently studying part-time for a Jurist Doctor degree.

Caroline has been an active member of the Mandurah community for the past twenty years, with her husband and children.

Caroline is passionate about the natural environment, and is a member of the Peel-Harvey Catchment Council, National Sea Change Task Force, Peron Naturaliste Partnership and Chair of the Mandurah Environmental Advisory Group. She is also one of the Council’s representatives on the Peel Joint Development Assessment Panel.

As someone very interested in the interaction between the community and the natural environment Caroline believes that decisions made now leave their mark for generations to come.

Councillor Edward Ngava, Honiara City Council, Solomon Islands

Cr Edward Ngava was elected into the Honiara City Council in December 2015.

After graduating with a Diploma in Finance and Administration and a Post Graduate Certificate in Banking, he joined the Central Bank of Solomon Islands in 1978 working himself up to being the Deputy Manager of the International Department overseeing Foreign Exchange Dealings and managing the overall Foreign Reserves of the country.

He resigned in 1989 to be part of the then Solomon Islands College of Higher Education as a College Planner, where he heads the Colleges planning and the coordination of the various schools and divisions within the College. He has also worked with a team on managing, monitoring and evaluating institutional strengthening projects. These projects contributed to the College transformation to a University Status – Solomon Islands National University.

In 1999 he was invited to develop the Football (soccer) administration which covers the development of coaches, referees, player pathways. Soccer being the number one sport in the country eventually got its FFIFA membership and its legal FIFA Membership name became Solomon Islands Football Federation. As the Technical Director, and eventually the CEO Edward attended various international FIFA seminars, conferences, congresses on behalf Solomon Islands Football Federation.

Edward Ngava is also the Chairman of the Honiara City Town and Country Planning Board. As well as the Chairman for the Youth, Women and Sports Standing Committee and the Vice-Chairman of the Education Standing Committee. He is also a member of the Lands & Urban Management Coordination Group set up by the Solomon Islands Government.

Councillor Wayne Walker, Auckland City, New Zealand

Wayne Walker is an Albany Ward Councillor of the Auckland City Council and Chair, Environment and Sustainability Forum.

Wayne Walker has lived in the City of Auckland’s Albany Ward since the early 1980’s. Over this time he has been an active participant in the community, through work, sports, clubs and as a leader of local North Shore and Hibiscus Coast groups.

Prior to being elected as a Councillor for Rodney District in 2000, a position he held for 3 terms, Wayne led action on a number of important issues that were vital not only for local people but the wider community. He worked with many community clubs, churches, trusts and societies to build and strengthen the sense of community. This included advocating and assisting the youth and seniors of our communities, helping initiate activities that make for healthier more vibrant communities with things to do that are life-building.

As a Rodney District Councillor, Wayne was the Council representative on Northern Busway, Regional land Transport Committee, Regional Growth Committee and Council Planning Commissioner for Resource Consents.