Safe and Healthy Communities

Cities for Safe and Healthy Communities was a capacity-building program focused on identifying local government’s role in building safe and healthy communities, and ensuring it has the tools, technical expertise and political will to play that role effectively.

Building vibrant, resilient, healthy and safe communities is a cornerstone of sustainable development in the 21st century. Social, climatic and economic changes require greater planning across all levels of government to prevent negative impacts and to encourage healthy communities. This includes impacts such as:

  • the aging population alongside a growing prevalence of chronic disease in the community
  • the health implications of climate change
  • communications and technology changes that alter how we interact and engage in community life
  • the potential for widening inequality emerging in a time of global economic downturn.

There is clearly a pivotal role for local government to play in our communities and for them to build national well-being through creating safe and healthy communities.