Join the Water Campaign

Benefits of Participating in the Water Campaign™

Joining the Water Campaign provides many benefits to councils such as:

  • enabling councils to demonstrate leadership in the area of water management
  • providing a structured project management framework through which to achieve tangible improvements in water management
  • providing access to a network of local governments involved in water management initiatives

recognising councils' water management efforts through high profile recognition events, case studies and media opportunities. 

How to Join

A council resolution and payment of a one-off participation fee are required to join the Water Campaign™. The participation fees, inclusive of GST, are outlined below.

Council Population

ICLEI Member

Non-ICLEI Member

Greater than 50,000



20,000 to 50,000



Less than 20,000



Ongoing support is provided to councils at an additional fee. Further information on fees for councils is available here.

A Council template to join the Water Campaign is provided here for you.

To express interest in joining the Water Campaign™, please contact Greg Hales, Water Campaign™ Australia Manager, ICLEI Oceania, Ph: +61 8 9364 0643.


Council Testimonials

Campbelltown City Council, South Australia

Mr Peter Vlatko, former CEO of the City of Campbelltown

"Although the City of Campbelltown have been engaged in ICLEI programs since 2002 I view our relationship with ICLEI as only just beginning. The culture that ICLEI is developing amongst local government has become very evident at Campbelltown in the way our new Civic Centre is being built. It has become automatic to integrate the goals of the ICLEI programs, becoming a part of the process rather than an add on.

Councils need to work together with ICLEI in ensuring that all councils own the future, particularly in relation to the environment. Concern for the environment is everywhere. Recently my 10-year-old son, when he heard that we were thinking of moving from Flagstaff Hill, which is a suburb in the hills of Adelaide, to Campbelltown, which is on the plains of Adelaide, argued that we shouldn't move because one day we will be at the beach due to sea level rise. This shows that concern for our environment is out there amongst all ages.

I challenge all councils, not only those already supporting ICLEI, to participate in ICLEI programs and become members so that local government has a 100% strong voice with ICLEI on our environment."

Mr Peter Vlatko, former CEO of the City of Campbelltown.



City of Mitcham, South Australia

Cr Ivan Brooks, Mayor of the City of Mitcham

"Water scarcity is one of the most pressing global environmental challenges.  Population growth, pollution and climate change present real threats and significant challenges to the sustainable management of water resources.

The City of Mitcham has been participating in the Water Campaign™ since the programs inception in South Australia. Considerable progress has been made in the areas of rainwater capture and reuse, smart irrigation practices, and community education and incentive programs, but there is a long way to go.

Projects to increase the installation and use of grey water systems, aquifer storage and recovery, and household rainwater tanks are required to reduce the enormous amount of water that flows into the Gulf every year.

Council will continue to work with ICLEI to better understand our water resources and further assist us in integrated natural resource management."

Cr Ivan Brooks, Mayor of the City of Mitcham.