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Local Action for a Low Carbon Future

This discussion paper was prepared by Hazel Storey, Associate of the UTS Centre of Local Government with Martin Brennan, CEO and Regional Director, ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability Oceania, Cheryl Thomas, Executive Director of the Council of Capital City Lord Mayors (CCCLM) and Stefanie Pillora, Program Manager Research at the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG).

This discussion paper considers the questions:

What are the strengths of the local government sector for a low carbon future and how can these complement national initiatives for a low carbon economy?

How can local governments and the national government work more effectively as partners to achieve mutual goals for a clean energy, low carbon future?

The idea for the paper emerged from the 2011 Local Government Climate Change Round Table coordinated by ACELG and the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF), and attended by all local governmental associations and by leading councils and academics from around Australia.

For a copy of the paper please contact Martin Brennan martin.brennan@remove-this.iclei.org

ICLEI Seoul Strategic
Plan 2015-2021
Building a World of Local Actions
for a Sustainable Urban Future

The Strategic Plan 2015-2021, the ICLEI Seoul Plan, was adopted by
the ICLEI Council, representing our 1,000+ Members, when it met in
Seoul, Republic of Korea, on 11 April 2015.

It presents a continuation of previous plans and focuses on new
strategic initiatives planned for 2015-2021.

This Strategic Plan is an expression of commitment of ICLEI Members
and also the basis for the work of the 17 ICLEI Offices across the
world. It provides the framework for offers and services to Members
and explains ICLEI’s approaches and priorities to partners.

The following document sets out our vision of the role we aim to play
in the world and shares our goals, programs and activities.

Download a copy here.


Paper Released on the Role and Involvement of LGs in Global Sustainable Development Governance

Ideas to involve local governments in global environmental governance have been further developed and a paper has been published in UNEP's perspectives.

Download the full paper, 'Models for Local Government Organizations (LGOs) involvement in a strengthened UNEP'.

Local Government Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit

Adaptation is not just about the risks to be endured due to climate variability. As the climate is changing so too is the operating environment for councils. Council decision-making processes need to support and strengthen the capacity of staff to identify inherent opportunities that arise from change, as well as the risks.

ICLEI Oceania developed the Local Government Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit with funding from the Australian Government Department of Climate Change.

Click here to download the Toolkit.


CCP Measures Reports

Each year all councils past Milestone 3 in the Cities for Climate Protection (CCP) Australia Program are invited to report their success in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Since 1997, CCP councils have reported a saving of 18 million tonnes of greenhouse gas.

Download the 2008 CCP Australia Measures Evaluation Report [PDF 1.7MB]

More CCP reports are available from the CCP Australia website.

Water Campaign™ Actions Profile

The featured actions demonstrate some of the tangible contributions local governments are making to water resource management: from innovative irrigation approaches and mains water substitution, to using Water Sensitive Urban Design devices for water quality protection and working with their communities.

Click here to download the Water Campaign Actions Profile 2009 [PDF, 1.8 MB]

Click here to download the Water Campaign Actions Profile 2008 [PDF, 1 MB]

Water Campaign™ Actions Report

The Inaugural Water Campaign™ Actions Report 2008 sets the scene on water conservation and water quality management for 2007/08. We hope it inspires local governments across Australia to become more involved in saving water and safeguarding its quality.

Click here to download the Water Campaign Actions Report 2008 [PDF document, 580KB]