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Auckland: When Brown is Green

Auckland Council is the largest local government in Oceania, a region covering Australia, New Zealand and Pacific islands. Covering a population of over 1.5 million the City and its colourful Mayor have an ambitious commitment for Auckland to become the world’s most liveable city.

Livability means sustainability is high on Auckland’s agenda with the recent appointment of a Chief Sustainability officer among other commitments.

During the recent Paris Conference of the Parties 21 Mayor Len Brown, speaking to the ICLEI Cities and Regions audience, said that while his name was Brown his agenda was clearly green.

Cr Wayne Walker Auckland City’s Chair of the Environment, Climate Change and Natural Heritage Committee and ICLEI Rexcom representative, also highlighted the City’s achievements in sustainability stressing the grass roots nature of sustainability and the need to join the community with council for effective action.

The City has recently appoint its first Chief Sustainability Officer, John Mauro , who will implement a five point priority plan The 5 Point Plan has a focus on:

Collaboration, to reach a broader audience of businesses, residents and organisations with a cohesive and compelling sustainability narrative that will inspire action for a more sustainable and resilient Auckland.

A Low Carbon Auckland that will engage organisations, citizens and businesses toward achieving a liveable and low carbon future. This means promoting green buildings, electric vehicle and solar technologies, active/public transport and waste minimisation.

Build Climate resilience and sustainability so it will become more broadly understood and integrated into business as usual. Council will address climate resilience as part of its natural hazards planning and will incorporate climate adaptation into strategies and planning.

Auckland will ‘walk the talk’ across the council and Council Controlled Organisations, mainstreaming sustainability and resource efficiency and procurement.

As progress in sustainability will be essential in delivering broader social outcomes the City will facilitate community-based initiatives that integrate sustainability and deliver greater community resilience and enhanced wellbeing.

For more information contact John Mauro Chief Sustainability Officer