ICLEI Oceania RexCom Call for Candidacies

The ICLEI Oceania RexCom call for candidates is now open as of Monday 17 July, 2017.  Submit applications by Sunday 13 August, 2017.

ICLEI is the largest global sustainability network led by local leaders. Our governance structure ensures member cities and towns have their say not only on local strategy but also the global strategic vision and actions of the World Secretariat. Every three years ICLEI members elect representatives to their local regional executive committees (RexComs), which in turn nominate a member onto the global executive committee (GexCom). The elections for the 2018 - 2021 Committees will be held across the world this year. 

I invite and encourage all eligible ICLEI members to participate in these processes, so look out for the call in the next few weeks. Nominees should preferably be elected members of an ICLEI member council, with endorsement from their Council. And if not nominating, get ready to vote for someone who does.
This is a great opportunity for you to help shape ICLEI programs, policies and activities and I strongly encourage you to check out the ICLEI Oceania website here and consider becoming part of our governing body.

I have been actively involved with ICLEI at the local and global level for the last 8 years and have witnessed the hard work that has brought the sustainability benefits not only for cities world wide but also here in Oceania.

If you’d like to get involved in our local Regional Executive Committee please do get in touch with myself or the Oceania Office to discuss any questions you have about this important role.

Cr Cathy Oke, City of Melbourne, Chair Environment Portfolio
Chair ICLEI Oceania RexCom
Member and Biodiversity Portfolio Holder of ICLEI GEX COM

To apply please fill in the application and submit it to Steve Gawler, Regional Director ICLEI Oceania, via email: steve.gawler@iclei.org

For more information and to access the application form as of Monday 17 July login as a member via the ICLEI Oceania website. If you are unsure of your username and password details then please contact Sue Oliver, sue.oliver@iclei.org.

Please don't hesitate to contact Steve Gawler or Sue Oliver for any other queries.