National workshop on implementing the Sustainable Development Goals in Australia

A world-leading workshop on 6–7 May in Melbourne brought together representatives from federal, state and local governments, academia, business and civil society to develop Australia’s response to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The Goals, which are currently under development, encompass a long-term vision for the world, promoting better health and education, social equity, environmental sustainability, peace and prosperity for all.

The issues at stake are relevant to all Australians. The workshop noted that Australia is facing a number of significant development challenges, including the considerable disadvantages experienced by many Indigenous communities. As indicated in the Closing the Gap reports, the Sustainable Australia Report 2013 and the Measures of Australia’s Progress, 2013, ‘business-as-usual’ will likely result in declining economic prosperity for many Australians, increasing inequities and increasing degradation of the environment that underpins Australia’s economic prosperity.

Workshop Statement