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ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability is the world’s leading network of over 1,000 cities, towns and metropolises committed to building a sustainable future. By helping our Members to make their cities and regions sustainable, low-carbon, resilient, ecomobile, biodiverse, resource-efficient and productive, healthy and happy, with a green economy and smart infrastructure, we impact over 20% of the world's urban population.

Connecting Leaders

Global action partners

ICLEI welcomes the opportunity for collaboration and complementary action that partnerships bring. Over the years we have forged winning partnerships with national governments, international agencies, academic institutions, for profit companies, foundations and non-governmental organizations, and dozens of national, regional, and international associations of local governments.  

ICLEI offers many opportunities for partnerships with financing institutions, the private sector, universities and expert institutions and with united nations and international agencies.

Accelerating Action

Go to where the action is as an ICLEI Member

ICLEI Members are as diverse as the local governments, prefectures, municipalities, and counties from which they come. What all ICLEI Members have in common is a commitment to sustainable local urban development.

Gateway to solutions

Solutions oriented change

Cities are leading global change. For decades cities on every continent have been setting the bar for urban sustainability, conservation of biodiversity, and climate protection. When one city has raised the bar, it can provide a blue print for continuous improvements and innovation from which other cities can learn and then adapt to their needs. ICLEI is proud to work with these leading actors on the urban sustainability stage.


Who Are Our Members?

Our Members and Partners prove that local governments worldwide take responsibility in creating a sustainable society!

  • ICLEI Members and Partners are informing and inspiring a global dialogue of what is possible and necessary. They are working together, driving innovation, and providing powerful leadership and direction. 
  • They consistently top the rankings of the World's Greenest Cities.
  • They have led the effort in recent years to envision, accelerate and achieve strong climate protection goals, creating cleaner, healthier, more economically viable communities.

Becoming a part of the ICLEI Network is more than signing a piece of paper or paying annual dues – it’s about joining a committed network of local governments from across the country and around the world, learning from one another and sharing resources to accelerate success -- and to create more vibrant, sustainable communities together.


"This is what really sets the tone at ICLEI - we can all teach other something and we can all learn from each other"

Amos Masondo, Former Executive Mayor of Johannesburg, South Africa



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