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ICLEI - Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Island Nations (Oceania)

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Welcome to the ICLEI Oceania website. ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability is the leading global network of over 1,500 cities, towns and regions committed​ to building​ a sustainable future, impacting over 25% of the global urban population. ICLEI Members benefit from access to programs, frameworks and tools and the sharing of experiences through ICLEI’s regional and worldwide networks.

The ICLEI Oceania Regional Secretariat is hosted by the City of Melbourne and serves the interests and needs of local governments in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Island Nations. ICLEI Oceania has been active in the Asia region in partnership with the South Asia and South East Asia Secretariats through the ICLEI Indonesia Office based in Jakarta.



How local government are monitoring and evaluating their climate change adaptation plans and initiatives.

ICLEI Oceania is supporting PhD Research by a former staff member, Helen Scott, and encourages all ICLEI members to complete the brief survey, which is the ‘first step’ in the broader research project. Many ICLEI member councils have assessed their risk and vulnerability to the impacts of climate change, and are implementing climate change adaptation actions to lessen this risk. However, there is significant uncertainty around how you monitor...



ICLEI Local and Regional Governments program at COP23

Plans are well advanced for the ICLEI Local and Regional Governments program at COP23, 9 to 14 November, 2017. ICLEI Mayors from around the world are invited to attend to augment the voices of cities taking the lead in climate action. Funding assistance will be available to selected Mayors to travel to Bonn. Please go to this link to see the announcement by Mayor of Bonn and for further information.



ICLEI Oceania RexCom Call for Candidacies

The ICLEI Oceania RexCom call for candidates is now open as of Monday 17 July, 2017.  Submit applications by Sunday 13 August, 2017.ICLEI is the largest global sustainability network led by local leaders. Our governance structure ensures member cities and towns have their say not only on local strategy but also the global strategic vision and actions of the World Secretariat. Every three years ICLEI members elect...


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ICLEI Oceania has for over a decade provided strong leadership and support to local governments across Australia and New Zealand and increasingly in the Asia Pacific region. We have provided campaigns, programs and networks focused on local sustainability and responsiveness and resilience to the impacts of climate change.

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October 2017
EcoMobility World Festival 2017
Kaohsiung City

6-17 Nov 2017
COP23 - Cities and Regions
Bonn, Germany

26-28 April 2018
Resilient Cities 2018
Bonn, Germany

June 2018
ICLEI World Congress
Montreal, Canada

Other Events

5-6 December 2017
ALP Forum 2017 
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


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